Harriet T’s Kitchen exists to accomplish one mission: to serve as a model for change that increases the availability of healthful foods and positively impacts the eating habits within one of Indiana’s largest food deserts.

We aim to do this by doing three things:

  1. Making healthful ingredients and options as common, available, recognizable and approachable as less healthful options traditionally found in food deserts and by families experiencing food insecurity.
  2. Hosting community-centered events that increase awareness and education about local fresh and healthful food options, specifically those available at Cleo’s Bodega and Cafe, located in Kings Common on the west side of Indianapolis. And, most importantly: 
  3. Increasing healthful food options and access by just doing the dang thing we’d be doing anyway: going into the kitchen and cooking and baking for others. Just this time, it’s in a commercial kitchen, with a larger community to feed!

Together with support from Flanner House, Flanner House Shared Kitchen, Chef Sam Brown, CCC (Certified Chef de Cuisine) and the Kings Common community we plan on changing the food desert landscape, one good, tasty, and healthy meal at a time!